Our Content Management Systems - CMS software is managing of the web content by you from anywhere in this world with the facility to create, edit, handle, solutions, services and also publish all types of content subject to a set of centralized rule, process and workflows that facilitates presentable validated electronic content. It is said content is king and content is in essence, a type of digital information you wish to share with your customers visiting your site. Content can comprise of text, images, graphics, video, sound, documents, records etc. - Or simply stated, whatever you can control in electronic format. Zaks Online Service offer that integrates with your existing or new online address and meets your needs for updating your content frequently.
We also implement & customize popular working technology such as Drupal, Joomla Wordpress. Our team is highly experienced with the above description and have good expertise with customizations, module & plug-in development.

We use existing plug-ins or develop our own modules based on your need and requirement. We ensure that our work is user friendly and very easy to use for your non-technical staff. We create robust multi-user that allow you to control different user levels at your end and provide limited permissions to your content writers & other admin users. We also take special care of SEO related requirements within the work so you could easily create dynamic pages with friendly URLs and takeover the meta & title tags yourself.

How Our Maintenance Services Can Help You??

It is important to customize and modify the websites from time to time depending upon the changes that should be incorporated. Even through your website layout may be interactive and interesting, yet it is important to engage in website maintenance activities because it ensures that you would continue to lead the market consistently and continuously. With time, the need and demand of the market changes and so does market trends. So, in such cases, it is important to indulge in website maintenance activities as these activities involve changing the graphics, images, layout, orientation, style and so on. Further, if you have broken links or there are parts of your website that are not functional, they need to be fixed as well.

Website maintenance is as crucial as web development because if you do not update your site regularly, the site would fail to make the perfect mark. So, in order to stay ahead in the race, it is important to maintain your website meticulously. If you are unable to squeeze time for such tasks or if you are not so skilled at this work, you can opt for our reliable services. We carry out website maintenance for a lot of our clients and when we take up such tasks, we explore the business details and the need and demand of the target customers as well. We maintain the site by fixing the problematic parts and at the same time, we work on graphics and images in such a manner that the new look of the site caters to the changing demands of the target customers.

Hence, by choosing our website maintenance services, you are sure to benefit from the deal. We would help you climb to the top of the ranks and our top notch maintenance services would ensure that you would continue to rule the roost. So, if you do not want your business to dwindle, make sure to enjoy the best website maintenance services. We are a click away and you can also ask for a free quote as well.



Every organization excels on the basis of publicity it gets or generates. Building a website was something that I really never believed could help in giving new dimensions to my Organization. The team of Zaks Online Service, Guwahati, has proved and done a great job. All the Best.

Sri A. R. Bora (Chairman)

"I couldn't be happier with my choice of using Zaks Online Service, for my new website. Their team were easy to work with and helped me make a terrific website in a short amount of time.Thanks again guys for all your hard work I will recommend you to all my friends!"


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